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Ahh, smell that fresh air
That smell, my friends, is fate or karma dropping napalm over the Bush campaign. AWOL-Gate, Kitty Kelly, Iraq Quagmire, Economic blues, Overtime rules going down in flames. My only regret is that when Bush suffers, so does our nation. But this is their high water mark. We'll have our 9/11 Memorials this weekend and then after that comes the long stretch to the election during which Americans decide to fire George Bush. We're better situated to win than in almost any other campaign in 25 years, including Clinton's first run and this time we have a party that is ready to bring out the brickbats.

A change in the spirit of the party
New Democratic voters are registering in droves with the help of organizations like America Coming Together. We are winning the party registration war, and this time we're the party pissed off beyond belief. Living on hatred isn't good, but sometimes it can get you by on the days that righteous anger is overcome by depression about what the assclown who calls himself our President has done to the country and to the world in four years time. I, for one, am done with pretending that politics isn't personal.

The GOP made it personal. Everything they do and have done runs so contrary to the spirit of bipartisanship, so contrary to the spirit of finding solutions to problems that most Americans can agree with, and so contrary to anything but marginalization that it has affected all of our lives. I won't be marginalized and I won't be quiet.

Politics over politeness
If there's going to be someone uncomfortable talking politics over the dinner table it's not going to be me. Let the Republicans feel isolated, attacked, and on the defensive for a change. The introspection will be healthy for them. And I'm done pretending that I can be friends with people who are not just Republicans, but fear-mongering liars and propagandists. Any Republican who supports the purple heart bandaids or the swiftboat ads is not my friend. Period.

It's been freeing, actually. And whenever I get angry, I, like my fellow democrats, go out and donate, win over a vote, register somebody or volunteer, or write a letter. The donkey isn't a sprinter--it's a strong and steady worker. That's how we're going to win this. By channeling every fear, every bit of anger, into action.

So what have you done for your country today?

(Update: To those of you who didn't get the memo about no more wimpy liberals and are afraid to put Kerry bumper stickers on your car because Republicans in your area are too mean, that's wimpy. For every person who puts a bumper sticker on their car, ten more are going to find the courage to vote Bush out.

Moreover, public hand-wringing over every stupid poll that doesn't show us ahead is wimpy. Especially if you didn't do anything today to change that. From now on, every whining post that doesn't include a caveat about what that person did today for John Kerry is going to get a marginal rating from me. And anybody that talks about giving up may get less.

I mean for pity's sake people, it's not like you're being asked to give your life or a limb--we're talking about fighting out a campaign for two more months what kind of patriot are you? If you can't go the distance, what kind of patriot are you? Our founders fought and bled for our freedom, the least we can do is exercise it with courage.)

Originally posted to stephdray on Thu Sep 09, 2004 at 11:02 PM PDT.


What Did You Do For Your Country Today?

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  •  Oh, well, (none)
    I did a bit of canvassing, and helped with a mailing, and made a few phone calls.  I didn't get chase off anyone's porch today.  It was fun!

    Let this be the year America turns, and citizen soldiers like us help it in the turning.

    by furryjester on Thu Sep 09, 2004 at 11:54:30 PM PDT

  •  Excellent Diary, put up a tip jar. (none)
    I have never been a tattoo person, but I am thinking about getting something tattooed on my arm.

    I was thinking of "Pissed Off Liberal" but not sure.  Any suggestions?

    /Kerry-Edwards 2004/ - Because America Can Do Better, Must Do Better, and Deserves Better

    by ETinKC on Fri Sep 10, 2004 at 12:23:03 PM PDT

  •  Excellent diary ... (none)
    This is such a passionate, personal, patriotic, compelling diary you should definitely give us a way to express our gratitude.  I felt so grateful while reading it, I would love to show my appreication to you for not only writing it but living it.  

    If I harbored a kernel of a doubt today about our victory or our candidate it was swept away by your words.  Where's the tip jar?

    I've been on the phone all morning for Kerry/Edwards and our statewide races.  I thought I needed a break but I've been rejuvenated so shall carry on.  You're better than a cup of coffee anyday.  

    Amazing what a refreshed attitude can do.  Thanks.

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