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Every day I see outrage at CNN here on the dailykos. Many of us have determined that they are worse than Fox because at least everyone knows that Fox is the propaganda arm for the GOP and Fox at least does some real journalism on occasion.

What I don't see on the dailykos is any concentrated effort to change things. We get angry, we write, but CNN has shown a complete disregard for our letters. The only success we've had is when pressuring third party companies such as Hunter's quest against Tucker Carlson.

So, I began an unscientific sampling of CNN sponsors. I initially thought that Dell would be the most receptive company to our pressure, but then I found Michael Dell on this list of notable Bush contributors. I will no longer be buying Dell products.

Anyway, since there's no scientific way to do this, I'm just going to pick a company. Kyocera is one of the sponsors of CNN, they aren't American (so perhaps might be more reasonable about such things) and I happen to own one of their phones. I was going to buy another one, because I liked it. But I'm going to make it clear to them that if they continue to support CNN's decision to run the Swiftboat ads I will never buy another Kyocera product again.

I'm fairly certain that every member of the dailykos is squarely within their target market group. So I'm asking you to do the same. Please contact them and let them know. I'll be harping on Kyocera every time we get irritated at CNN.

General Phone: 1-858-882-2000 Mailing Address: Kyocera Wireless Corp. 10300 Campus Point Drive San Diego, CA 92121 email button all the way at the bottom

Originally posted to stephdray on Mon Sep 13, 2004 at 03:11 AM PDT.

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  •  Here's my letter (4.00)
    Please recommend this diary and write one of your own:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I own a Kyocera phone and I have long been a fan of your products. I intended to buy more. But recently I became aware that Kyocera is advertising on CNN, in spite of CNN's decision to run the so-called Swiftboat Veterans for Truth ads against John Kerry.

    I don't object to political ads, and I certainly understand that a campaign is going to be rough and tumble. But these particular ads are proven slander and have caused an enormous amount of division within this country. Moreover, CNN has a policy of turning down advertisements from groups they consider "too controversial" such as the Log Cabin Republicans and against candidate Bush--but is running the Swiftboat ads. Despite CNN's "too controversial" policy and the fact that this Swiftboat group has been discredited by every neutral finder of fact in the country, CNN continues to take their money.

    CNN has made clear that fair play is no longer part of their journalistic ethic. In light of that, I cannot continue to buy Kyocera products or recommend them to my friends if you continue to spend advertising dollars with CNN. I think Kyocera is a fine company, so I certainly hope this issue will be addressed.

  •  Kerry advertises on CNN... (none)
    ...just sayin'...
    •  Irrelevant, I think (none)
      I don't think the goal of this diary is to punish all advertisers of CNN--it is to bring to CNN's attention that we've recognized their bias, and we're prepared to annoy the hell out of them in the place it embarrasses them most: with their advertisers. The fact that Kerry advertises on CNN has nothing to do with this; his ads are -already- fighting the bias.

      I'm sure we agree that the Republicans are brilliant at passing the buck, and never take responsibility for -anything-. Well, this diary represents one small way to force somebody--the ad rep who mentions this complaint, which gets back to editorial, who says 'they think we're so biased they're gonna -boycott-?'--to take another look at what they're doing.

      This is the way to pressure CNN--not with letters, not with angry screeds on DKos. Put pressure on the weak link, some innocent advertiser who wants our goodwill. They'll pass the message along.


  •  You could make a list of CNN advertisers (none)
    and then google their corporate offices.  Then send letters to folks from CEO on down to Customer or Consumer Relations.

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